A community owned superhero franchise.

Introducing... Moon Girl


Moon Girl is a comic book character created in 1947, and now in the public domain. Our first major project is a comic book series rebooting the original character, with new villains and new stories.

Issue #1 coming out in 2022.

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Why does Hero DAO matter?

Decentralizing all of popular media so that it is not controlled by a few corporations is a large and lofty goal. Our experiments currently focus on the particular domain of comics & supporting media, allowing indie creators to have a platform owned by them and their fans for funding and creating new works.

Our pursuit is the world's first superhero franchise freed from corporate control and truly owned by fans and creators.


Hero DAO members vote and actively participate in governance around all major decisions in our media production: Which cover to pick, who to delegate for writing various works, what projects to fund, what heroes to create stories for next, and more.

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What is Hero DAO?

Hero DAO is an organization focused on rebooting comic book heroes who have fallen into the public domain, and building a community owned franchise.

Where is Hero DAO going?

We're launching a real physical comic book, and an entire superhero franchise where the IP is owned by the community. Expect an ecosystem of several heroes, and the first physical comics shipping in 2022. Next up is more heroes, several kinds of media, a cinematic universe, and create asset licensing.

What is a DAO?

A Decentralized Autonomous Organization is a community of people making decisions together in a decentralized manner. A DAO is better at making decisions than other communities because software automates executing the results of votes. Our DAO can own IP collectively, like a co-op. There are also protection mechanisms built into the organization. For example, at any time members can “rage-quit” their shares in the organization, and take a prorated amount of the treasury with them.

How is Hero DAO controlled?

Hero DAO does not currently have a governance token you can buy. To join the DAO you must contribute to the vault or content. In return, you will receive non-transferable shares. 100% of the money in our vault is controlled entirely by the DAO’s members through 1-share-1-vote voting. We can vote to pay an artist or launch a token, and if the votes decide something happens, then it is automatically executed. There are no delegates or funds controlled by insiders, and the founders are no longer the largest shareholders.

Hero DAO is DAO first. We started with a DAO in February 2021 with the explicit goal of creating a superhero franchise that is owned by the artists, creators, and fans that love it. Instead of launching a token sale, we launched a community first, with everyone that wants to participate leading the vision.

Where is Hero DAO built?

DAOhaus -- a no code platform for Moloch DAOs. We use Gnosis Chain to secure shares and automate voting actions. Gnosis Chain uses Proof of Stake which requires a similar amount of energy as sending emails.

How can I join?

You can join Hero Dao by contributing work or purchasing shares from the DAO on Gnosis Chain. Hero DAO is focused on ensuring shares are given to content creators, and we welcome anyone looking to contribute their time or ideas. We're also working out ways to automatically give shares to fans and consumers of our content, to make our franchise truly community owned at every level.

How can I contribute?

Attend Town Halls or other meetings, voice your opinions. Help create digital artwork or writing for our comic or other media. Help do proofreading for scripts. If you want something to do... just ask. Onboard any of your interested friends and find interesting public domain IP for us to reboot.

What is Hero DAO building right now and next?

Hero DAO is building a media movement based on the premise of fan owned and fan directed works. We want to bring ownership of our IP to the creators who help make it possible, and guarantee everyone in the creation process is compensated for their work.

Have another question?

Feel free to ask in our discord channel, someone will answer it as soon as possible.